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We have never been to an RSL club that is so spacious, bright and inviting. North Bondi RSL is HUGE and outdoor seating can be limited especially coming into summer! But the seating indoor boasts beautiful views of the whole beach, seats can be limited - especially coming into summer. It is the ideal location to relax with a nice cold refreshment and watch the waves crash against the shore. 

Time to get started with the food... We decided to order a couple of entrees to begin, followed by a main each and drinks. When reviewing North Bondi RSL, we kept in mind that even though the view is typical of a fine dining location, the restaurant is still a RSL bistro so we knew exactly what to expect.

 Salt and Pepper Calamari
The Salt &Pepper Calamari was served with a unique dipping sauce combining flavours of chilli, lemongrass and ginger, not the typical sauce to expect and definitely not the traditional aioli. The calamari was lightly battered and not oily at all (something we didn't expect as calamari are usually soaked in oil at RSL clubs)

 Pork Belly Sliders
When the pork belly sliders were brought to the table we gulped and said "crap" because there's so much pork on the slider! Hahaha. It was quite a generous serving size for such a small burger! Thankfully the slow braised pork belly was cooked nicely, not perfect but enjoyable on its own. The only downside was that the slaw had very little flavour and there was no sauce on the sliders meaning it was very dry. The first bite or two was great but any more than that consecutively was too much.

Double Beef & Bacon Burger
Consisting of 2 x 100g beef patties, bacon, double cheese, lettuce, beetroot, tomato and special chef's sauce on a milk bun, this burger is a twist on your classic Aussie burger except with sauce tastier than ketchup and a whole extra patty. The beef was a little bit dry and half way through we had to take off one layer of beef to overcome the dryness. The cheese and sauce did compensate well, but it wasn't enough to mask the overcooked meat.

Seafood Linguine 
We couldn't resist ordering the seafood linguine from the menu which included a fresh serving of prawns, squid, fish, scallops, garlic mixed in a creamy garlic sauce. This is such a typical RSL dish, full of flavour from the piping hot seafood mix. While we enjoyed the creamy pasta combination, we were a little disappointed to not find any scallops in the mix. We can only assume that when our dish was served up from the pot, we were just unlucky enough to miss all the scallops! We love scallops!

Overall, the service and comfort of North Bondi RSL was ideal. Plus it gave us a great excuse to visit the beach and of course.. try to take some pictures while we were there! Make sure to visit this summer and try the location out for yourself!

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