Hoochi Mamma Cafe | Newtown

Take a walk from Newtown Station to Hoochi Mamma Cafe for a nice relaxing brunch. 
You will find a very casual environment with a mixture of personalities walking past. 
We were lucky enough to be joined by some local puppies!

The Benedicts
2 poached eggs, wilted spinach, bacon with hollandaise on sourdough. We haven't had an eggs benedict in a while so we decided to go all out and add hashbrowns! The eggs benny was a classic and we wouldn't change a thing. The great thing about an eggs benedict is that the flavours are so simple yet they work so perfectly well. The only crucial part of this dish is making sure those eggs are perfect and great news... they were!

Cacao & Banana Smoothie Bowl
Trying to kick a fatty diet or just want something a bit different? Well that was our sort of mood at the time and we have tasted smoothie bowls before and loved them, so it just made sense. The bowl however was a little too much cacao and not enough banana as it was very VERY bitter. The fruits being mixed in did help add sweetness, but ultimately it was a little too much for us and we left it half eaten. It does look incredible and before you ask, yes, we were suckered in because of the pictures on Instagram. 

Melon Cooler and Ginga Ninja
The melon cooler was ordered by Matt as he absolutely loves watermelon. It has watermelon, apple and mint. We couldn't really taste the mint. The Ginga Ninja was quite nice with carrot, apple and ginger. Both refreshing as expected from a freshly squeezed juice.

Snapshots of Food was invited to dine at Hoochi Mamma by CPM Online Marketing

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