One Tea Lounge | Sydney CBD

One Tea Lounge is renown for always making an appearance at the Night Noodle Markets. We won a $50 voucher and finally decided to make the trip down to Kings Street Wharf to taste what the whole menu has to offer. When you are visiting, one thing you need to understand is that everything on the menu has some form of matcha embedded into the taste. 
If you are not a fan, turn away now!

 Fusion Sliders (Baogers)
Ramen baoger, rice baoger and matcha baoger with wagyu beef, matcha mayo and sriracha chilli sauce. The fusion sliders are a MUST try when you visit. In a similar style to Gojima, beef patties have been placed carefully in between two crispy rice buns and two fried ramen buns, what more could you want? The crunch you get when biting into these baogers is like nothing else. Just be cautious that the price is quite expensive for such little substance, we do also appreciate how much effort it must take to make these boagers.

Matcha KFC
The matcha Korean Fried Chicken (KFC) was HUUUUGEEE. This dish was a lot larger than we had expected but luckily size doesn't matter. The chicken was juicy and perfectly cooked with melted matcha cheese and a side serving of pickled daikon and carrots that complimented the sweet flavours of the chicken marinade. 

Massaman Wagyu Matcha Rice
We ordered to share and wanted something to taste that's a little different but with flavours we know and love. So we opted for the massaman curry and the twist was the matcha rice. The curry was extremely creamy and contained bits of potato and wagyu beef slices. Honestly speaking this wasn't the best of dishes. The spices in the curry tasted and smelt very strong, a little too strong for our liking, almost tasted like a herbal chinese medicine. The matcha rice just tasted like rice, we wouldn't realise it had matcha in it if it wasn't green and explicitly stated on the menu.

 Popcorn Curry Chicken
There was no way we could resist ordering popcorn chicken. The light curry flavour that coated the deep fried chicken bites was interesting and not like anything we had tasted before. It sounds crazy, but it was both sweet and savoury and when dipped into the creative green tea lime mayo sauce, it was a flavour sensation that felt like a party in our mouth. Be careful not to obliterate the bowl because they come served piping hot and you will do some serious damage!

They have some pretty unique desserts but we already had plans for the night. So we will be back to try their dessert or at the next Night Noodle Markets.

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