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Valentines Day is now less than two weeks away and we truly hope that you have already made a booking by this point, but if you haven't then don't worry we've got you covered. Be prepared to spoil your loved one on a nice night out by having a feast only the Greek's could approve and why not mix it up a little with a cocktail or two ;)

1821 seriously makes you feel like you've stepped foot in Greece. The interior, design, decor and ambience brings you to Greece's doorstep. It's spacious, white, bright and has a touch of elegance and as you enter through the grande doorway, that's when the magic happens and you are transported to Greece!

Smoked Herring Croquette
We love the fact that Greek food is all about the carbs and even more so with the deep fried food. YAAS. These bad boys came served to the table smelling like the sea; it had a perfect crunch and the taste of the smoked herring flowed through the entire croquette. Strong, bold flavours which are complimented well with the thick chickpea sauce. Great start to the evening!

Pork Belly Baklava
This item was a big question mark for us and when we ordered there was only speculation in our mind. We expected something sweet because of it's name Baklava, but then because Pork Belly is savoury, we had no clue. What was presented to our table was like nothing we imagined. It is a very unique and incredibly talented way to serve up pork belly. The layers of crispy filo pastry is stacked with crispy pork belly, date and pistachio. This forms the substance of the baklava, but what replaces the honey? Date and mastic sauce. You can see it looks just like baklava and being honest this was the best dish and a definite must have when visiting. Just be cautious that the baklava can be a little oily, but nothing that won't hurt!

Simply put a stand out entree which has left us salivating even after so long. The burnt sage butter truly brings out the best in the dumplings and the texture is nothing like you would expect. It was almost crispy and yet soft to touch at the same time. 

BBQ Lamb Shoulder
Slow roasted lamb shoulder which is then grilled and served on a bed of silverbeet, leek and herbed yogurt and let's obviously not forget the lemon. You can't have lamb without lemon at a Greek restaurant, it's just criminal! We may have lied when we said the baklava was the best because it's actually a tie with the BBQ Lamb Shoulder. The signature dish blew us away with the lamb that falls off the bone, but has a crispy outer layer. The meat was moist and tender and tasted like it had been basting in it's own juices for hours. In the rear is Yia Yia's chips loaded with crumbed feta, oregano and a whole fried egg!

Caramel Baklava Ice Cream
The waitress suggested.. no insisted that we try the caramel baklava and damn are we glad we did. You could call this a hipster's take on the baklava, in fact they didn't actually have baklava on the menu but instead two different items that have an interesting take on the old time favourite. The caramel fudge was salted, layered with vanilla bean ice cream and topped with pistachios. We were completely full by this point but it didn't stop us from finishing the plate. You can't let something this good do uneaten! 

1821 has EVERYTHING you need to make it the special occasion. Intimate dining, food that will make all your senses rise and let's not forget the vast range of wine to select from. Just be warned that you will not leave this place empty, in fact they will feed you until you can't eat no more and while that sounds torturous.. trust us when we say it's more torturous knowing there is more food on the menu that you haven't tasted!


Snapshots of Food dined as guests of 1821 Restaurant / Sweaty Betty PR

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