Folonomo Restaurant and Gratia Cafe | Surry Hills

Folonomo Restaurant and Gratia Cafe is Sydney's first 'profit for purpose' restaurant. At Folonomo, they want to celebrate Australia - a diverse, multicultural country through their curated menu. They want to encourage the spirit of community, collaboration and compassion. 100% of their profits go towards fostering a positive change in the world; both locally and globally.  Gratia Cafe is the sister cafe to Folonomo (they are located next to each other with a shared courtyard) and the same concept applies at Gratia.

Gratia is open Wednesday to Sunday from 8am. 
Folonomo (For Love Not Money) is open Tuesday to Saturday from 6pm. 

If you are interested in finding out how the 100% of profits model work click here
They also recently opened Symbol in North Sydney as well.

Smokey Old Man Cocktail
All the attention was on the manager/bartender when he made this smokey old man cocktail. Matt couldn't resist and had his eyes on this cocktail. The smokey flavour was strong however an enjoyable drink. We could spend all day watching the smoke dissolving into the air...

American Psycho Cocktail
This is definitely one crazy cocktail with an entire dried chilli served with it. We're not sure if anyone was daring enough to take a bite of the chilli. But one thing was unanimous, we all wanted to know how hot the chilli was (and who would be the first to take a bite).

Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Cocktail
This was such a pretty cocktail, tasted sweet (acai and raspberry liquor) and was very easy to drink.  Because it was so easy to drink, we thought it wasn't strong. A couple minutes later, we realised how strong it was i.e. when Christie's face went bright red // this is why she doesn't drink!!! 

Assorted Cakes
We did not taste these cakes so can't comment on the taste however, how pretty are they??? The delicious cream smothered all over the cake (on the top) looks so good. The bottom cake looked so fluffy, fresh and something I'd bring to a nice romantic picnic.

 Halloumi and Sago Fritters
This tasted amazing; definitely something we've never had before. The halloumi and sago fritters topped with poached eggs and tomato relish was sensational. The texture of the fritter was one of a kind. It was quite chewy, like a mochi texture however, was extremely crunchy on the outside. The subtle cheese taste gave it just enough flavour and was not overpowering. But the thing that brought the dish together was the homemade tomato relish.

 Halloumi Sticks
These are the best things you will ever try. It's halloumi sticks but not as you know it. The 'stick' is made from tapioca, parmesan and served with tomato relish. Similar texture to the sago fritters, the halloumi sticks are even more crunchy and is highly addictive. We suggested Folonomo set up a food truck just to sell this!

Dry aged spatchcock
We were glad to have sampled the dry aged spatchcock. It was perfectly cooked and the unique flavour from the almond cream was a treat.

If anyone is interested in developing emotional intelligence or a fan of The School of Life, they have a classroom and a library located upstairs of Folonomo. Their classes and events can be found on their website

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